Exodus (1)

The Book of Exodus

The Exodus Trajectory Through the Bible

by Alan S. Bandy, Ph.D.

The story, events and theology embedded within the book of Exodus flow through the veins of the entirety of Scripture. It has been observed that “[v]irtually every kind of religious literature in the Hebrew Bible—prose narrative, liturgical poetry, didactic prose, and prophecy—celebrates the exodus as a foundational event.”[1] The exodus serves as the superstructure of Israelite ritual, law and ethics because it constitutes the historical warrant for the religious bond between Yahweh and Israel.[2] David Daube, in his The Exodus Pattern in the Bible, initially sought to write on all patterns of deliverance in the Hebrew Bible, but discovered that the exodus is a proto-type, a mould which other stories of rescue from ruin may be cast.[3] He suggested that “the principle reason for the fascination exercised by the exodus is that here was depicted—in vivid colours [sic], with ups and downs, in detail open to variable interpretation, and paying equal attention to… [more]