Romans (2)

Translating ἐκ πίστεως εἰς πίστιν in Romans 1:17

by Alan S. Bandy, Ph.D.

The task of interpreting Paul and translating Romans never grows old. The discussions and debates continue to surface regarding the writings of the apostle. This is not surprising when you consider that his writings, especially Romans, are so central to the Christian Faith. I was recently reading through Romans in the NIV when I was riveted to how it translated the Greek phrase ek pisteos eis pistin (lit. “from faith to faith”) in Rom 1:17 as “by faith from first to last.”…[more]

Paul’s Use of Isaiah in Romans 9:20-33

by John A. Sypert, Ph.D. 

The apostle Paul believed that his gospel was the fulfillment of Old Testament promises (Rom. 1:1-2), which explains why his letters are full of references to the Old Testament.  The book of Isaiah is the Old Testament book that Paul cites most often, with Psalms being a close second.[1]  The section of Romans that is under consideration in this paper contains the highest density of Isaianic citations found in any of Paul’s letters.  According to Oss’s figures, Romans 911 contain eleven out of sixteen of Paul’s citations of Isaiah.  This section of Romans has thirty total Old Testament citations, so Paul’s uses Isaiah more than one third of the time in these three chapters… [more]