Acts (2)

Introduction to Acts

by Jeremy D. Johnson, B.A. 

The book of Acts is the second volume of a two-volume work penned by Luke the evangelist. The significance in reading the book of Acts as a second volume and continuation of the third gospel is found within the first verse of the book. Luke writes that in his gospel, he “dealt with all that Jesus began to do and teach…” Luke is conveying something very significant by saying that, though Jesus is no longer in our physical midst, he is still working within his apostles whom he chose to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. The word “began” above indicates that Jesus’ work is not completed as he ascends into heaven… [more]

Why Was Stephen Stoned?

by Alan S. Bandy, Ph.D. 

Acts 7 records a significant development in the theology of who are the true people of God. Stephen was brought to trial on two serious charges as indicated in Acts 6:13: 1) He speaks against the Temple; and 2) he speaks against the Law. The basis for these charges as reported by the “false witnesses” is that Stephen said that Jesus will destroy “this place” (i.e., the Temple) and that he will also “change the customs handed down to us by Moses.” In response to these accusations, Stephen pleads his defense through a review of biblical history/biblical theology… [more]