Ethics (1)

A Christian Ethic Against Auto-Erotic Manipulation

by George Clinton Mayes, M.Div.

On November 18, 1992 NBC aired “The Contest,” an episode of the hit show Seinfeld, which dealt with the taboo subject of masturbation. Despite the initial hesitation by NBC execs and the withdrawal of several ads by nervous companies, the episode was a stunning hit and won various awards including an Emmy for Larry David for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series.[1] In the past two decades other sitcoms and television shows have followed suit, seeming to revel in both the supposed normalcy as well as the embarrassment of the act. Pop star Pink even uses the idea of masturbation as a thinly veiled threat in her single “U + UR Hand.” It should be painfully clear that the practice of masturbation, or the stimulation of one’s own… [more]