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Welcome to WikiGesis, the digest of user-submitted biblical studies. What is WikiGesis? Our name is a derivative of two words. “Wiki,” referring to the nature of this website as driven by user-generated content and “-gesis,” coming from the word “exegesis,” referring to the interpretation of a biblical text. The idea, then, is to develop an online digest of biblical studies and commentary on the biblical texts written by students and scholars who have academic training and can capably exegete a pericope of text. The articles contained on these pages may include papers that may have been written for graduate classes, Ph.D. seminars, or may have been presented at scholarly conferences. The articles are organized according to biblical book and tags related to specific topics in articles.

The navigation menu above features the current scope of material that is continually being populated with articles focused on specific biblical texts or topics. Because this is a work in progress, some of the selections are still empty. If you have a contribution that you are interested in publishing in our database, we would love to hear from you. Your contribution may be a blog post, research paper, or other work that deals with a biblical topic or text.

One of the problems with many wiki websites is that someone could potentially post inaccurate, false, and even misleading and libelous material. Our goal is to make WikiGesis as professional and respectable as possible. We will review, revise, or, in some cases, reject submitted entries to help ensure that WikiGesis maintains the standard of academic excellence as is common on other traditional venues of biblical scholarship. Therefore, contributors to WikiGesis must apply to contribute and preferably hold a degree (or be working toward a degree) in biblical studies or a related field. We are particularly interested in contributions from established biblical scholars, Ph.D. Th.M, M.Div., and M.A. students, and perhaps well-referenced undergraduates.

The last decade has witnessed an explosion of online scholarship in the blogosphere and other websites offering virtual libraries now available to inquisitive researchers. There is still a lacuna in this burgeoning medium when it comes to large-scale collaborative efforts producing cutting-edge scholarship available to all free of charge. To that end, WikiGesis aims at contributing to the landscape of biblical scholarship in new ways. We envision it will become a valuable resource for pastors, students, and academics alike to use when researching for papers, sermons, and lectures. Please be patient as WikiGesis builds its database, as this may take a while. So please check back frequently and/or become a contributor!

Alan S. Bandy, Ph.D. – Owner, Director

Alan is the Rowena R. Strickland Assistant Professor of New Testament and Greek at Oklahoma Baptist University. Prior to this, he was the Assistant Director of Ph.D. studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and an Assistant Professor of Christian Studies at Louisiana College.

His area of expertise is the New Testament with a specialization in The Apocalypse of John.

he completed his Ph.D in Biblical Studies from SEBTS under the supervision of Andreas J. Köstenberger in 2007.

He has published The Prophetic Lawsuit in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament Monograph Series by Sheffield Phoenix Press (May 2010). He also published several chapters and a articles in various books (most recently: Devotions on the Green New Testament [Zondervan, 2012]; and Holy War in the Old Testament [IVP, 2013] and journals (JSNTS; Neotestamentica). He has co-authored a volume of the Biblical Theology of the New Testament series published by Zondervan entitled Understanding Prophecy: A Biblical-Theological Approach [2015]. He has a recently completed and submitted an Apostolic Fathers Greek Reader to be published by Wipf & Stock in 2018.

He has actively been involved in Christian ministry since 1992 serving as a youth minister, an associate pastor, and a pastor of churches in Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina. He serves as an interim pastor in Oklahoma and frequently preaches in various churches and conferences.

He has lead trips to the Peruvian Amazon to work with indigenous people groups. He also has traveled to Manus, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, and Belo Horizante in Brazil and taught a summer school course at a seminary in Cameroon, Africa. He has traveled numerous times to Turkey on acadmeic trips to study important cities in Anatolia, especially the seven cities of Revelation.

Alan married his high-school sweetheart, Necoe, in 1995. Together they have five children: Alexandria, Josiah, Victoria, Mackenzie, and Titus.

Alan’s life verse is Acts 20:24: “But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.”

Jeremy D Johnson – Owner, Director, Editor

Originally from Newcastle, Oklahoma, Jeremy is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University, earning his B.A. in Religion in the Spring of 2012. He is currently working towards his M.A. in Christian Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has served in several Southern Baptist churches since 2003. He has served in worship bands as an instrumentalist and worship leader, and most recently as a Sunday School teacher.

Jeremy married his high-school sweetheart in October, 2008. They now have three children, Benjamin, Haddie, and Lydia. Jeremy’s theolgical influences include F.F. Bruce, John MacArthur, Don Carson, and Tom Schreiner among others.

Contact Us

We appreciate any feedback. If there is anything about the site that you find pleasing or displeasing, we would encourage you to contact us and let us know how we can enhance this site. Throughout the coming years, it is our goal to extend the functionality of WikiGesis to include useful study tools. We already have several ideas in mind and ask for your patience as we build these features. However, if you have an idea that might be beneficial to the site and, more importantly, the church, we would love to hear from you. If you would like to submit an idea or contribute your work to WikiGesis, feel free to contact Jeremy at jeremy@wikigesis.com.